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Hi there...

My name is Laila Aaris.
As a child and teenager, I practically lived with a pencil in my hand.
Like so many others, art slipped a bit into the background as education,
children and work demanded more attention.

I went to school, was trained lab tech in Clinical Biochemistry and
worked for a number of years in the private sector doing research on Osteoporosis
- in the laboratory & with data processing.

As time went by - I started to miss the creativity. I convinced the director that
I was the absolutely perfect match for the open position as our inhouse graphic designer.
-The point that I had no other qualifications than my courage & speaking skills...
- was less important.
I got the job, had it for several years and the path to a creative career was paved!


After many years in a job as a graphic designer, marketing coordinator and webmaster,
I felt an urge to do something new. I built my own business (from scratch) but sold it again years later
(due to the need of taking care of my health).
I now work fewer hours and on the side have the surplus for what is most important in my heart...

In my earlier years my pencils were my absolute tool of choise
- first in my adult life I started experimenting with what is now my absolute favorite:
Contemporary / Modern Art (acrylic/mixed media on canvas).

To me, art is my "escape room", 
it's where I can express myself quietly, nonverbally,
it's where I de-stress, where I grow, recharge. it´s where I live...

Art it's nothing less than everything to me!

Inspiration, is everywhere if you are open to see it,
- in all the small details in everyday life, in the variation / nuances of the seasons,
with the children, in experiences, feelings and thoughts.


Just open your eyes - and your heart!

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